Winter Berry Fruit
Winter Berry Fruit


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The Fall and early Winter months are a time to finish up our landscape projects, trimming and preparation for the Winter season to come. The pace is still busy but it is a welcome change anticipating the new season.

Tree work proceeds throughout the winter. We offer a ‘winter discount’ on all of our tree work between January 1st and March 15th. Structural pruning and cabling reduces breakage under snow load. Yes, we can tell which branches to take for deadwood pruning. Tree removals cause less damage to frozen lawns. If you notice your trees bending too much under snow weight be sure to ‘lighten the load’ by pushing up under the branches.

Our commercial snow plowing and sanding service occupies much of our time during the Winter along with the tree work. Our clients include a shopping mall, an office building and a condominium. We watch multiple weather reports and lose many a nights’ sleep during winter storms.

During the Winter we prepare for the Spring and Summer spray season. Work on the individual clients’ spray programs for insects such as Hemlock Woolly Adelgid and Winter Moth continues through the Winter. We also review the programs for liquid feedings which should occur once every two years.

While we’re waiting for that first blush that indicates the buds are swelling for the Spring, we can still appreciate the Winter season. Any snow will eventually get dirty and melt into mud season, and yet there’s nothing more beautiful than a blue sky and sun sparkling off new fallen snow. So enjoy it while it’s here!

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