Landscape Design & Construction

We can work on your landscape project with you to make your home or business an island of serenity and beauty.

First we meet with you at your site to survey the area to be improved and make our recommendations.  We’ll show you some pictures of our work and some enlightening views of different types of plant material, walks or patios to help you make your choices.  Because of our extensive experience we can discuss the characteristics of various plants so that the plant you pick will be the right choice and will thrive with your care in its new home.

Next comes the inevitable discussion of the costs involved.  After those details are agreed upon we can get to work.

Our personable and talented crews will start your transformation.  We do not order your plants ‘long distance’. We personally pick them for you from a choice of reputable nurseries to get the best and healthiest plants available. We know the growth habits of plants. By choosing correctly your area will not be over planted but will grow into proper perspective at maturity.

We can construct a brick or bluestone walk to lead you to your new-planted area.  Steps can make it more accessible.  A patio can be added to sit and contemplate your new beautiful surroundings. Granite or cobblestone accents make it special.  Stonewalls can make for effective transitions from one area to the next. Sod or seed and mulch to dress the beds and you’re done. Time to invite your friends to enjoy your completed project with you.

 Tree Work

A storm just blew through and you have some broken ‘hangers’ in your trees.  Or you just noticed that big tree you loved has died and it leans right toward your house! You need an experienced tree company to help you. We can do tree pruning, removals, vista clearing, deadwood pruning, thinning for sunlight and ornamental shaping. Our aerial buckets can reach your tall trees.  Our chippers will shred all that debris.  Our climbers can get there if the buckets can’t. Our stump cutter can grind that left over stump below grade so you can plant some grass over it.  Our great crews will work with you to accomplish what you need to do. Should something unusual happen we have full workmen’s compensation and liability coverage. If you have an emergency we’ll try our best to get to you quickly.

No, we don’t rescue cats in trees but we do sometimes help people who work in high places such as electricians and television crews. Our tree work takes place year ‘round as long as we don’t have deep snow cover.

We often consult with managers of office buildings, condominiums and colleges. Our seasoning and experience often bring new suggestions and solutions for your tree and landscape problems.


Insect & Disease Diagnosis & Control

We will visit your property and identify your plant pest problems. An appropriate program for control will be outlined and cost discussed.  After your approval our licensed and experienced operators will carry out your program at the proper time during the season. If you have special trees that are under stress it might be helpful to give them a ‘shot in the roots’ so to speak to strengthen them.

We do liquid feeding by hydraulic injection into the ground around the roots of your tree. After the tree takes this material up you’ll see a vast improvement in its outlook.





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